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Who We Are: “Where are the days,” we often ask, “when we as children could play freely where chickens roam, while we feed bunnies and ducks, or just sit in a tree house?” Does your child keep himself busy with television or computer games? What becomes of your child’s social, emotional and physical development?” Give your child the same privileges that you experienced as a child, here at Rainbow World! A big playground that looks like a park, qualified staff close-by to provide a stimulating environment where they can feel safe, play and learn.

History: Newlands Kleuterskool was built by the Transvaal Education Department in 1973 on the grounds of the old Greymont Laerskool. The school was started on 17 July 1973 by Miss H Durieux, the first principal and two other staff members. On 23 July 1973 the first children arrived and the school was officially opened on 26 April 1974 by Dr A L Kotze. It was one of the first pre-primary schools to be erected by the Department. From 1 January 2002 Reënboogland became a private pre-primary school, after the Gauteng Department of Education closed all their pre-primary schools. The school is an Article 21 Company, which means that it is a non-profit organisation. All fees raised are used to continually improve the school grounds and educational apparatus.

Vision: A well-known, private, established pre-primary school that offers each child lasting, personal, total security, care and education.

Mission: An established, well-known, private pre-primary school that gives purposeful, Christian based education by dedicated, qualified staff, in a well-organized and safe infrastructure, where children can play and learn.

Message from the principal - Christelle Greyling: On the first morning of each year mom and dad walk in with their toddler on the hip, video camera in the hand, lump in the throat. The teacher comforts and soothes, because the little one is crying and mommy is also struggling to hide the tears! Five years later the Grade R children walk to their class, full of confidence, mommy may only walk to the gate. They greet their teacher and put their bags away – so excited to come to school!

Our children grow up fast, time flies by!

The preschool years are the most important time in your child’s life. It is during this time that the foundation is laid for future learning and development. At Rainbow World pre-primary school we are passionate about what we do and achieve with our children. Our focus is to prepare them for primary school and the future.

The staff and the board of directors believe that it is important to be actively involved with all aspects of our school. The importance of each child, parent and staff member is taken to heart when decisions are made.

You decided to entrust us with your child for a few years and therefore you are in a partnership with us. Thank you that you as parent have made this decision – welcome!

Staff: All experienced ladies, with training in a pre-primary direction at a University or College. The assistant staff are trained in Educare. The staff also have diplomas in first aid and regularly attend courses to keep them up to date with new developments and to broaden their knowledge.

Board of Directors: Rainbow World is an Article 21 Company, we are a non-profit organisation. All fees raised are used to improve the school for our childrens. The board of directors is in charge of the school and consists of seven members who are all parents of the school. The directors do their task for the love of it and each of them brings a special contribution to the school. Meetings are held regularly and every decision that is made takes the our parents, children and staff into consideration. The Board currently consists of:

  • Koos Lottering (Chairperson)
  • Christelle Greyling (Principal)
  • Barend Stander
  • Leon Bhima
  • Michelle van der Westhuizen
  • Tamara Allkins

Security: We have an emergency plan that is practised regularly. Each class has panic buttons. Our security guard Hlengiwe, is daily on duty. Children are signed out at the gate. She knows all the parents and does not allow any strangers into the school without the principal/secretary’s permission.